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  • How about cloth diapering through the night?
    Post time: 04-11-2017

    1.  Choose highly absorbent absorbency like bamboo, charcoal bamboo for your nighttime diaper 2.  Add extra layers – either an absorbent bamboo insert, or a microfiber insert 3.  Put a stay-dry layer like a flushable liner against baby’s skin, so s/he won’t be woken up by a wet diaper during the ...Read more »

    Post time: 04-11-2017

    Congratulations, you have your new diapers and are ready to use them. Since they have traveled many miles and many hands have touched them, Once your diapers arrive, you’ ll want to separate the insert from the pocket opening. Wash and dry the inserts 3 – 5 times before use to “prep&...Read more »

  • How can I prevent and/or treat cloth diaper rash?
    Post time: 04-11-2017

      YIFASHION baby cloth diapers are more breathable than disposable diapers, and they tend to get changed more frequently,which means that most cloth diapered babies get less diaper rash, if any at all, than babies who are in disposables. If babies in cloth diapers are not immune to diaper rash, t...Read more »

  • How to wash diapers.
    Post time: 03-31-2017

      The actual washing process for your diapers is pretty simple. With the addition of a couple of extra rinse cycles, it is basically like washing anything else! First Wash When you first get your new cloth diapers, wash them in warm  water (under  86F) once with detergent before your baby wears ...Read more »

  • How to Use Cloth Diapers
    Post time: 03-31-2017

    Choosing the Right Cloth Diapers. 1.Test a few options before you buy a batch of cloth diapers. They come in different forms and features. 2.All-in-one diapers (AIOs) are most like disposables. They are made with the absorbent cloth inside next to your babies skin, and a PUL cover attached to the...Read more »

  • Feature of pocket Diapers.
    Post time: 03-31-2017

    1.Does not requires a wrap or a cover – this feature is built in. 2.Usually fastens with snaps or hook and loop (velcro) 3.Outer layer is waterproof…usually made with TPU. 4.Requires and absorbent stuffer material to be placed in the pocket before use. 5.Usually has elastic and legs a...Read more »

  • What’s One Size diaper?
    Post time: 03-31-2017

    One Size cloth diapers are cloth diapers that are supposed to last from newborn to potty training. They usually adjust through 3 rows of snaps down the front of the diaper S. M. L size (Like our YIFASHIONBABY cloth diapers) Read more »

  • Why hasn’ t my order shipped? How long does it take? 
    Post time: 03-31-2017

    We process orders within 1-3 business days (M-F, excluding holidays) If meet weekend, delivery time will be postpone to next weekdays. The shipping confirmations typically get sent in the afternoon.  For more on our shipping times please refer to our shipping policy or “Contact Us.” Read more »

  • Return Policy of Orders
    Post time: 03-30-2017

    Currently, for safety and convenience, we prefer to accept credit card & Paypal as our main payment method.GB Pounds, U.S Dollars and Canadian Dollars are allowed. Revise & Order Cancel: Within 6hours upon placing order. For Paypal, once we confirm order it will be refund to you immediat...Read more »

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