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 YIFASHIONBABY  is always looking for retailers who would be well-suited to sell our brand. The cloth diaper market presents an amazing opportunity for retailers to enjoy high sales volumes and extremely attractive margins when compared to other baby products. You’ll also be able to set yourself apart from competitors and create conversations with customers by offering high-quality, innovative diapering products and a premium brand. Plus, YiFashion Baby diapers are so cute, they practically sell themselves!  Yifashionbaby.com is a brand new release , which specializes in providing drop shippers, wholesalers and bulk buyers of all kinds with professional service and hundreds of items at reasonable  prices.

We have Grouping Prices and VIP memberships cut out for business of different sizes respectively, and experienced account manager at your service 24/7.

Looking for additional information on YIFASHIONBABY products or what it means to become a YIFASHIONBABY retailer? Contact baby.yifashion@gmail.com  and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.


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