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Why Cloth Diaper?

1. Save money!

Guess what? Disposable diapers are expensive. How much money you will actually save depends on what you are comparing. If you use the estimate that a disposable diaper costs 36 cents and your baby is in diapers for 2-3 years you’ll easily spend over $1000 in just one year of diapering. Want to save even more? Don’t forget to check out our current coupons and sales, or earn free diapers with our Diaper Dollar reward program.

2. Cloth diapers are eco-friendly!

Disposable diapers are destined for the landfill where they will sit for over 500 years. Now consider the fact that the average baby will need about 6,000 diaper changes until they are potty trained – that’s a lot of diapers sitting in a landfill – for ONE baby! Yes, it can be argued that cloth diapers cause their own impact to the environment due to the amount of water needed to launder them but I still argue that the impact is far less than disposables. Remember that a disposable is made from petroleum, probably produced overseas, travel a long way to get to you, and require even more gas and waste to get to their final resting place in the landfill. With cloth diapers you can at least feel good knowing that when your child is potty trained those diapers can be reused by another child.

3. Cloth diapers are cute!

Have you seen all the adorable colors and prints that you can find in cloth diapers? Monkeys, elephants, giraffe prints, abstract prints, embroidered diapers and bright colors in every color of the rainbow! Cloth diapers are so cute that you won’t want to cover them with clothing.

4. Cloth diapers may be addicting!

Maybe we shouldn’t tell you this part, but cloth diapers are a little like shoes or handbags – you’ll want to get the newest prints and continue trying new styles. We won’t tell you how many diapers are in our child’s drawers. Thankfully you can resell them after your child is potty trained or save them for future children.


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